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How Do I Know I Need a New Roof?

Many homeowners tend to ignore their roof and rarely inspect it for damages or normal wear. It takes regular maintenance and upkeep if you wish for your roof to last as long as possible. So, if it has gotten to the point where you think you need a new roof [...] Read More

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

So you've noticed that your roof is in shambles and you're in dire need of a new one. The most ideal way to begin your search for a roofing contractor is by using online resources and asking around the neighborhood. [...] Read More

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Roof

Properly caring for and maintaining your roof is essential. If you wish for your home and everything in it to stay safe from water damage and other related issues, making sure your roof is in good shape is your greatest defense. [...] Read More

How to Prepare for Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

Preparing for a roof replacement or roof repairs is the responsibility of the homeowner and it should be expected at some point by anyone who owns property. [...] Read More

Do I Need to Replace My Gutters and Downspouts When Replacing or Repairing My Roof?

Being responsible for your home is a huge undertaking. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to cut corners to lessen the expenses, but this could lead to major pitfalls and more money spent in the future. [...] Read More

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Taking care of your roof whether it's on a commercial or residential building is essential if you wish for your property to stay safe and intact. Weather is often the biggest culprit when it comes to the condition of your roof. [...] Read More

What Should I Do If My Roof Starts Leaking?

There’s almost nothing worse than sitting comfortably inside of your home and suddenly, you feel or see water coming from your ceiling or walls. This is a common occurrence for longstanding homeowners. [...] Read More

Why Delaying Your Roofing Repairs Can End Up Costing You More

Taking care of the roof of your home is essential especially if you wish to avoid unforeseen damages and costs. As a homeowner, it is in your greatest interest to have the roof of your home properly cared for which means it should undergo routine inspections. [...] Read More

Should I Hire a Roofer to Replace Missing Shingles?

Performing repairs to your roof is a difficult, tedious and even dangerous job. Without the help of professional roofing contractors, it is likely an accident might happen or that you’ll improperly fix the roof which will only lead to future issues and more expensive repair work. [...] Read More

Should I Hire a Roofer to Replace Missing Shingles?

Although it’s common for shingles on your roof to go missing especially after a big storm, it’s important to replace them if you wish to keep your home in good condition. Missing shingles can cause water leaks in the home causing wood rot, mold growth, health issues, among other disastrous problems. [...] Read More

What Roofing Materials Are Best to Use for My Home?

As the owner of a home or other structure, you understand how important it is to keep your roof in good condition. The roof protects the entire structure of the home and everything inside of it. [...] Read More

What Roofing Materials Are Best to Use for My Home?

Since the roof is the most protective aspect of your home, it’s very important that you take care of it the best that you can. Caring for it properly will increase the roof’s lifespan and save you more headaches and money in the future. [...] Read More

How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

Choosing a roof for your home is a big deal that definitely can’t be turned into a rush decision. There are a wide variety of roof types and materials. You must really put thought into the type of roof you want before hastily deciding on something. Fortunately, when you hire a reputable local roofing contractor, you’ll have a reliable opinion to help base your decisions off of. [...] Read More

What Are Shingles on a Roof?

The covering of a roof consists of single overlapping materials. In most cases, these materials are flat individual rectangular pieces designed to overlap one another from the bottom of your roof up until the pitch. The shingles on your roof are a huge part of your home’s esthetic which is one reason they come in all types of materials, textures and colors. [...] Read More

What are the Different Types of Roofs?

There are many different types of roofs. However, some roof types are best suited for specific geographical areas or for certain building structures. A longstanding local roofing contractor will know how to repair, reconstruct or install a roof of any kind. [...] Read More

What is the NRCA?

Most professionals in the roofing industry know exactly who the NRCA are. The National Roofing Contractors Association is one of the country’s leading construction trade associations. [...] Read More

Roofs and dealing with natural disasters

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about a natural disaster other than prepare the best we can and to deal with the aftermath accordingly. The roof of your home or business is usually the first thing to be harmed during a natural disaster. [...] Read More

Roofing lingo glossary

As a professional in the roofing industry, it’s important to know and understand the lingo often used. Nearly every industry has their own lingo and as an outsider looking for services within that industry, knowing the lingo can be very helpful. [...] Read More

Why attic ventilation is important

As a homeowner, it’s especially important that your attic is ventilated properly. A lack of ventilation can trap excess moisture in the attic and the structure of your home. [...] Read More

Pros and Cons of Different Kinds of Roofing Materials

Click here to know more about different roofing materials and it's advantages & disadvantages. [...] Read More