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Portola Valley roofing contractors with over 35 years of experience for new roofs, roof repairs, or roof replacements The greatest way to take care of your roof is by making sure it is properly maintained and inspected. As a homeowner in Portola Valley, have a licensed, insured and qualified roofing contractor or company on call at all times. Go online and use the search engines to look for “roofers near me” or “roofers nearby” to find all of your options. The roofers you choose for services and roofing solutions should maintain a great reputation and the utmost integrity. The materials they use should come with warranties and all their employees should have the proper training and experience. Affordable roofing solutions should also be available.


Fortunately, you can all Shelton Roofing for all your residential roofing and commercial roof services no matter how small or large the job. When you give us a call today, we will provide you with a free estimate over the phone. You can also schedule for one of our contractors to come out to perform an evaluation for a more direct quote on our services. We have affordable roofing solutions because we want to provide our customer with the lowest rates and prices on all our services and materials.

Roofing Services Provided by Shelton Roofing for Portola Valley

  • Roof Replacement
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Metal Roofing
  • Flashing Repair
  • Asphalt Shingle Repair
  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Restoration
  • Reroofing
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Construction and Remodeling
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Solar Panels and Skylight Maintenance and Repairs
  • Roof Insulation
  • Installing of Small and Large Roofing Systems
  • Tile Roof Repair
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Upgrading and Remodeling of Roofing System
  • Waterproofing
  • Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs to Vents to Ensure Quality Ventilation
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services


About Shelton Roofing’s Emergency Roof Repairs

Strong winds and heavy rain aren’t uncommon on the West Coast, especially California. The residents of Fremont aren’t strangers to this type of weather. If your roof suffers from damage due to a storm or other occurrence, you may be in need of emergency roofing repairs. There are signs you can look for that will let you know if you should call a roofing contractor for an emergency situation. Roofs protect the interior and exterior of a house or facility; this includes everything and everyone in it. If the roof is jeopardized, your home could suffer from structural issues, mold and mildew, and even cause your family health issues. To avoid more severe issues and higher costs, call a well-known, licensed roofing contractor for emergency repairs.

Most Common Reasons to Call for Emergency Roofing Services

  • Storm Damage- The combination of heavy rain and strong winds may knock off shingles or their granules. The roof may suffer severe damage if tree limbs and other debris hit the roof. This could lead to a leaky roof.
  • Roof Leaks- Whether you had a little existing damage that worsened with heavy rain or you noticed a sudden leak in the house, you need to have it repaired right away. Old roofs are likelier to leak when it persistently rains or rains heavily.
  • Hail Damage- Hail doesn’t always cause harm but it can damage the shingles or tiles on your roof. More than likely, the roofers you hire will only have to replace a few of your shingles or tiles after a hail storm.