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Shelton Roofing is a professional Santa Cruz roofing contractor providing excellent, top-rated services for both residential and commercial customers. Our roofing services include every type of residential roofing and commercial roofing solution, including new roofing, re-roofing, tear offs, roofing leak repairs, roof decking replacement, roof consulting and inspections, roof maintenance programs, general roof repairs, and lots more! Call us today at 831-464-4120 to schedule service and request an estimate for your roofing needs.


Roofing Services We Provide in Santa Cruz


Residential Roofing

Santa Cruz Residential RoofingAs a homeowner, you want the roof of your home to be of quality yet still visually appealing. Shelton Roofing is capable of providing outstanding roofing services and solutions with all the appeal you were hoping for. [...] Read More

Commercial Roofing

Santa Cruz Commercial RoofingIf you're in need of a roof replacement, installation or even some minor repairs, contact your leading commercial roofers in the Santa Cruz County area. Shelton Roofing combines quality roofing services with low rates. [...] Read More

Roof Repairs

Santa Cruz Roof RepairsThe absolute best way to care for a roof in Santa Cruz County is by maintaining it and providing it with the necessary repairs. With the weather in California always in the balance, it is wise to inspect your roof for leaks, water damage, and other weather related issues. [...] Read More

Roof Leak Repairs

Santa Cruz Roof Leak RepairsA leaky roof is perhaps one of the most dangerous situations that could occur. If you suffer from a leaking roof, you should call a reliable roofing company right away. Your roof is need of immediate attention. Otherwise, you may end up with more expensive repairs or even an entire replacement of your roof. [...] Read More

Roof Replacement

Santa Cruz Roof ReplacementWhen your roof is severely or moderately damaged by the lack of prevention and maintenance during the extremities of California weather, it may be time for a roof replacement. A roof replacement sounds like a large job that'll cut deep into your pocketbook. [...] Read More

New Roof Construction

Santa Cruz New Roof ConstructionWhether you're building a new home or business, or you purchased a structure that needs a complete overhaul, come to Shelton Roofing for all your roofing solutions. We provide top of the line roofing services including new roof construction. [...] Read More


Santa Cruz Re-RoofingThe process of re-roofing is less expensive than that of an entire roof replacement. Of course, a roof replacement is always the wisest option, but a re-roofing job may be all it takes to keep your roof intact and all those who are sheltered by the roof safe. [...] Read More

Composition Shingle Roofing

Santa Cruz COMPOSITION SHINGLE ROOFINGOur composition shingle roofing services may include a variety of materials. It is up to you to decide which materials you would like used on your roof. Nevertheless, the most popular option for most composition roofing customers is the asphalt or fiberglass shingles we carry. [...] Read More

Flat Roofing

Santa Cruz Flat RoofingFlat roofs are often made with materials such as asphalt, concrete or synthetic rubber. The purpose of a flat roof is to give those habituating the building more useable space; for instance, a rooftop patio. Flat roofing also provides easy access to the roof for maintenance and repairs. [...] Read More

Metal Roofing

Santa Cruz Metal RoofingWhen it comes to roofing materials, metal roofing happens to be one of our most common options. Our customers like metal roofing for a lot of reasons. They are a great alternative to PVC, shingles, clay, and asphalt roofing tiles. In fact, metal roofing is much more durable and will last longer than most other materials. [...] Read More

Pitched Roofing

Santa Cruz Pitched RoofingThe concept of a pitched roof is that the rain and snow will glide off the roof, protecting the rooftop from sitting water and the potential of leaks. Pitched roofing services are offered to you through the experts at Shelton Roofing. [...] Read More

Tile Roofing

Santa Cruz Tile RoofingTile roofing is often associated with clay tiles. Clay tiles have become an extremely favorable roofing material to many. The residents of California like clay tile roofs because the tiles won’t rot or burn in the scorching hot sun. [...] Read More

PVC Roofing

Santa Cruz PVC RoofingOne of the reasons PVC roofing is so sought after is due to the fact that it comes in different colors. Our clients can choose the color of PVC roofing they would like so that they can adequately match the rest of their home. [...] Read More

If you are looking for experienced and reliable Santa Cruz Roofing Contractors then please call 831-464-4120 or complete our online request form.